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What We Do

Christian Cancer Center Hospital In 1986 we built the Christian Cancer Center in Kakinada, India with the help of many donors – shortly thereafter, the hospital became self sufficient, extending its mission to assist the young left behind by the death of a parent (s) with cancer. It is called Hope Village, and houses 33 orphans from ages 4 to 15; they are nurtured in good morals and education, which is their only way of surviving the odds.

AIDS – Aids in India now is what it was in the United States in the 80’s; the population needs to be educated. The government offers the poor 6 months worth of medicine. Patients are not welcomed in any government or private hospitals. For this reason the Christian Cancer Center is renting a 3-story home @ the outskirts of Kakinada, however, it is too far for the Center’s medical team to adequately treat and in order to reach it, part of the way, you must travel on foot.

How you can help!! – The plan is to build an Aids Hospital @ Hope Village where there is sufficient land to accommodate it. The total cost is approximately $200,000.00. It will be named Nireekshana (Hope) Health Center.