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Hope Village Boy’s Home

Boys at Hope Village -Orphanages in India In 1995 as one of the lady patients laid at her deathbed, she asked Dr. Rhoda Eda, who is part of this great family and an OB-GYN physician at CCC, “Who will take care of my Samuel? When I am gone, he will have no one” – Dr. Rhoda said she would. Samuel was 9 years old.

The Dream Continues under Charity, Love and Service Trust

This is how Hope Village began. Hope Sylvia Charles, Dr. Rhoda’s mother donated 20 acres of land in a town called Peddapuram, approximately 30 minutes drive from the Cancer Center. Today, 30 young boys are being nurtured with Bible principles. They are taught both basic and technical subjects as well as English, Hindi and their dialect, Telugu.

Boy's with a Calf - Orphanages in India These children come from the poorest of the poorest slum areas. Many have either just one parent, no parents, nor relatives who can afford to look after them. Their daily schedule is strict, yet necessary, as this is their only hope out of poverty. The boys cultivate the land, which is very fertile, and tend to the water buffaloes who produce much needed milk. They grow rice, bananas, okra, tomatoes, eggplant, papaya, jack fruit, and chili peppers. They are strongly encouraged, though given the choice whether to continue on to College, trade school or seek employment there or elsewhere. Hope Village is there for them not only from a monetary support but more importantly, they have the sense of belonging to a loving and caring family, not just in India, but in the US as well. Boy's with a Water Buffalo -Orphanages in India

They are very talented and have many gifts which are being discovered by those who daily nurture them, such as Dr. Rhoda, Uncle and Auntie Israel, Jackson and Madame Gnanavathi along with their teachers and their Annas (big brothers).