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Charities in India - Christian Cancer Center
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Together We Can Make A Difference

The Christian Cancer Center charities in India address the country's poorest people's heath and welfare needs . We are working to bring modern cancer treatment facilities to the populous State of Andhra Pradesh; we're serving India's large Aids community, and raising the orphans left behind by disease.  We have helped countless families in their time of need but there is so much more to do.  We need your help to expand our mission.


CCC Hospital

cancer charities in India

The Christian Cancer Center hospital, located in Kakinada, India, was founded in 1987 to serve the poor with modern cancer treatment technologies.  Since 1987 through the efforts of volunteers and donations, the Christian Cancer Center cancer charity in India has treated thousands of needy patients in the region.  In fact the Christian Cancer Center brought the first 780 C Cobalt Unit into the State of Andhra Pradesh.

We are trying to expand our capabilities at the Christian Cancer Center and we need your help.  (Read More...)

Aids Mission

Leprosy Mission

Aids patients are not welcomed in government or private hospitals in India. They are currently housed in a remote area accessible only by foot.

We are raising funds to build a hospital for Aids patients.  The 2.4 Million Aids patients in India aren't allowed in government and private hospitals.  We are trying to make a difference and we need your help (Read More...)


Hope Village Boy's Home

Hope Villiage Boys Home

We are caring and raising hundreds of boys orphaned by disease.  They come from the poorest areas of India.  We provide education, teach them how to farm, and raise them with biblical principles.  Most of all we give them hope for a better future.

There are millions of orphans in need of our help.  We need your financial support to help us expand our mission and help more children. (Read More...)